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Our Purpose and Approach

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As we all know, there is no one size fits all approach. The way we manage change is evolving. It is no longer about only communications and training. Customer and business requirements keep changing and we need to be able to pivot and have an agile mindset to tailor our change approach. In order to do that, we need practical insights from real life scenarios.

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Our purpose is to empower individuals and organisations to successfully lead the People-Side of change. People Centricity exists to provide individuals and organisations with the tools and strategies necessary to successfully navigate organisational change. 


Through our comprehensive Change Management pathway, we aim to empower learners with the skills and knowledge needed to lead successful change initiatives. Join us on this journey of growth and development, and let us help you unlock your potential as a change leader. 







Collaboration is a key component of change management. Projects often require input and support from multiple stakeholders, and collaboration enables these stakeholders to align their efforts and work towards a shared vision.









The change landscape is constantly changing. Customer and business requirements are evolving. We need innovative ideas, plans and processes to manage the people side of change.










This is fundamental to everything we do in People Centricity. To ensure our approach supports end users, the practice and processes we share with others should all be user centric.








Outcome Focused:

People centricity is all about moving from a traditional change management model to an outcome focused and data-led approach where all our content will drive business outcomes for our customers.








Continuous Improvement:


We will seek continuous improvement in change management processes, tools and ways of working in order to sustain outcomes. We do this by evolving the profession with real life scenarios, examples and peer review.

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